200,000 Meters

I walk. I run. But, I also row… indoors, at least. An ERG is a great fitness tool and works really well with my fitness activities. It’s also great when it’s ridiculously cold outside and running/walking seems insane (although, it usually doesn’t stop me).

Throughout the year, Concept 2 has challenges to provide extra rowing motivation. This year, I’ve done two:

  1. In August, it was 100,000 meters in 4 weeks. A certain amount each week, then, increasing. At the time, I wasn’t running, so it was my primary cardio activity. It was definitely a challenge, and felt good to complete.
  2. The next one was a bit more interesting. The goal was 200,000 meters between November 23rd and December 24th. I missed the first few days since I was out of town, and then got going on it. This time, I was running, so it was an challenge to mix the two together and still meet my goals for both. I was able to do it! I finished 200,000 meters on Thursday morning (12/21/17).

Next up… getting my total accumulated meters to over 1 million. Stay tuned!

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