The Wanderer

Hi. I’m Jeff. I like cookies, long hair, beards, hugs, and long walks in the dark.

Now that we know each other better, let’s talk briefly about my past. Then, maybe you can share next?

I was a competitive swimmer in high school (Winston Churchill, Potomac, MD) and college (Ohio University – studied design/photography). College was when I really learned how to channel the competitor within me. I found my groove during my senior year, and it was a great end to a competitive swimming career.

I’ve always stayed active physically since then. Things I enjoy as an adult-type-person:

  • Long distance swimming
  • Mountain biking
    • Did a few races. Honestly, loved riding, but didn’t like racing.
  • Running
    • Have done a handful of 5Ks.
    • Broke my foot in the first mile of the Fifth Third River Bank Run (25K) 2010
    • Strained my ankle during training for another attempt at the same race (25K) 2013
      • On my bucket list to finish that one eventually (2018?)
  • Walking/Hiking
  • Bodyweight exercising
    • Pull ups FTW!
  • Indoor Rowing (ERG). Working on my first million meters. Should get there by mid 2018.

In my regular life:

  • Grew up in Potomac, MD and Great Neck, NY.
  • Moved to Michigan in 1997.
  • Married to Sara Tow.
    • 2 teenage kids

In my working life:

  • Worked in Washington D.C. in video post-production.
  • In Grand Rapids, spent time with another post-production shop.
  • Spent a few years as Art Director at FOX 17 (local FOX affiliate).
  • Ran my own graphic design/web design shop for 10 years.
  • Currently part owner of Envoy in Grand Rapids. Working with the best bunch of partner owners and employees.

That’s about it for me. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been rewarding and I’ve learned a lot about myself. Thanks for reading this far and joining me on my adventures.