Wandering into 2018

For a number of years, we’ve been fortunate to ring in the new year with our close family friends at their cottage on Eight Point Lake. It’s a time of relaxation and reflection… and eating mounds of tasty food.

In a tradition of my own – no matter what time I go to bed – I kick off the new year with a run around the lake (roughly 5.25 miles).

What I love about this run:

  • It’s quiet. I’ve never seen anyone else out there running/walking (granted, it’s typically before 8a). I hear my footsteps, my breath, nature, and nothing else.
  • It’s a time for me to personally reflect and think about the new year.
  • It teaches me to run through discomfort.
    • Running on very little sleep.
    • Running in very cold weather (Windchill of -7° today)
  • It’s a reminder of how important physical activity is in my life and that in the coming year, the ongoing training and incremental changes will keep me strong, both physically and mentally, so I can be there for myself, my wife, and my kids.

As I wander into 2018, I’m reminded of, and thankful for, the good people in my life.

Here’s to more adventures, digging deeper, and venturing beyond my comfort zone.

Wishing the same for you and yours.

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